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The HSI Difference

HSI is a privately held company that does not conduct business directly with the general public. HSI provides its clients and partners with innovative high-end products and services that drive revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our private relationships are approached with generosity and measured by results. With true loyalties to the needs of our global clientele, HSI proudly delivers award-winning technology, exclusive services and generous value.

HSI differentiates the market through:

  1. Custom Technologies
    Sophisticated, proprietary & award- winning.
  2. Travel Aggregation
    Reseller of top-of-the-line Hotels, Cruises, Tours, Sports Packages, Airfare and more.
  3. Loyalty Programs
    User Interfaces, Rewards Systems, Points Systems, Online Booking Systems, Membership Programs, Employee Benefit Programs, Gift Card Programs and much more.


HSI offers an extensive variety of products and services to satisfy the needs of businesses inside and outside of the travel industry.

Travel Industry:

Small to medium sized travel organizations benefit from sophisticated, private-branded & award-winning technology, best-price travel and world-class customer service. HSI delivers elevation to a big business atmosphere.

Large travel companies enjoy superior efficiency through award-winning online booking technology, customized solutions, financial services and a variety of benefits that complement their brand.

All Other Industries:

Companies of all sizes and backgrounds incorporate HSI technology and travel benefits through loyalty enhancement products and employee benefit programs. HSI clients benefit from our vast infrastructure and experience to monetize the $6.1 trillion travel industry in a scalable and sustainable way.


HSI services millions of private-client individuals through various white labeled products and services. These private-clients enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits not available to the general public including:

  • Measurable and guaranteed value
  • Comprehensive travel benefits
  • World’s most generous best-price guarantees
  • Exclusive shared ownership privileges
  • Award-winning user interface systems
  • Award-winning online booking systems
  • Personalized and professional services in seven languages
  • Specialized leisure and member services
  • And much more!